Saturday, July 21, 2012

Speak to Mr.Ke

19th July 2012
Im sure that what i saw that was so real;
You said there are no more kind person inside me..
Myb that is yes, but to him; it was apparently his real color showed....
You said we shouldn't judge people just like that, but have u thought about that, if he was really panic and nervous what was happened to him, the first thing he gonna to do suppose is report to police to get help, instead of chatting relaxing with smiling and laughing with u out there.....???!!!! have u thought about that, he has some housemates, if there were something negative matters hapenned, he suppose should call his friend immediately instead of refuse to call police and chatting with u so long...??!!
Myb u think that i have black shadow since experienced met couple of times from being snatched, so i won't easily trust any whoever of strangers..but im really do not understand him why he would refused to call police or call any of his friends to get help if he was really panic of wat happened to his house.......if he has at least one reasonable explanation, i would change my thinking to him...
I understand you won't trust someone who has black shadow....You might be thought that, that is all her imagination of think too much..I can swear that, that time i never think too much of that, what i saw is really damn REAL.....