Tuesday, September 05, 2017

2017年6月4日 - 紀念日

在法律上, 我們已經算是合法夫妻了。
一直都把工作排在第一的他,真的 還不敢相信他會在30歲前跟我求婚到注冊。
甚至他跟我求婚的那一天, 原來他在背後做了很多準備和計畫
如果當時其中一方無法堅持, 那就沒有這一天了。

Endless Love

My lover that showered me with endless love and affection, thank you for all of it.. For the past 18 months, we had all sort of arguments, conflicts and problems between us... Sorry that you have to endure my temper, my bad habits and thank you for the never give up on our relationship..
Guess what? There's a bad news for you.. I'm selfish enough to tell you, you will have more months and years to be with me.. Bear with it.. XD

P.S:// I Love You.. ♥

Thursday, July 31, 2014

2014/7/25 ~ 7/30 BALI Trip

Once again travel with his family...@ Bali!
Balinese are so friendly, they say thank you to GOD everyday.
they give offering to GOD everyday, they feel thankful for everything.
we shall be like them as well no matter what religion we are.
While taking flight returning back, i was alone seated at window seat,
i looked down from the flight, this was made up my mind,
I really really wanna shout at the ocean and say
"I love sea / I love sun & sky / I love ocean"
"I love all of you....."
This time had a pleasure Holiday with them, we all was lough cheerful all the way of the trip.

2014/7/31 @ Mosaic Mandarin Oriental Hotel KL
Thanks Hosomi-san for the buffet lunch voucher.
We had a delightful lunch before ended the journey of our holiday!

Monday, March 31, 2014

When forever becomes a place
When forever ceases to be just a word 
When it ceases to be just a measurement of time
But instead become a place where soul mates can dance to the song in their hearts
That is a reflection of true love...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

my mom

she is a very strong woman i ever met in my life
also, hardworking is her strong point
she seldom take leave, and never ever being late to work
besides, she wake up damn early in the every morning to cook for us to bring lunch 
now, her health is getting weak
always decline heart pain but reluctant to consult cardiologist
after CNY going to operate uterus, some spoiled cells is inside, getting to remove all
doctor suspected she got hepetitis C
i wish, i pray, i hope she everything will be alright
i thought she was a very healthy and strong woman when i was a kid
but now i realized, i realized i was wrong
the fact is everyone of us will grow old, 
and getting through sickness while growing old
she is just an ordinary person as others
what i never expect heart pain, liver problem, cervical problem will be happen on her
she is getting through all of these.
im so scared of losing her
im really really scared
i pray for her every night before fall asleep
i pray for her no more others sickness come to her
and im praying everything she will be alright and stay healthy.
i love her.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

long vacation in December 2013

this is the 2nd year im enjoying long vacation at year end..
i bet must be a lot of people envy of which company im working at..
yes..indeed. many benefits out there..
but im not happy where am i working, i dislike my work...
how i wish i'll find my happiness in my working for the New Year wish!!
i got Lemon Yogurt Cream Cake as my birthday cake for this year,
also, a big brown big handbag present from my lovely darling...
thanks him for everything what he has done for me..
i love him so much and so much....