Monday, August 29, 2011

Reunion Gals Talk

dinner at pavillion's Tokyo Street ( Cafe Takahashi) with Zha Bo and Kessie...
have been 10 months never seen Zha Bo since we graduate till now..
we chated a lot a lot and a lot...such as the mouth non stop talking and laughing...^^
then 8pm meet jiayi went for snow flake for our dessert..eventhough i share with kessie oso feel lik no appetite to take it, myb i was thinking of someone who didnt reply my sms..while i hv slightly dissapointed of him, he called me...^^ huhu
During the gals talk section with them, finally i told them all of my worries that between Hanns & me to them...thankz for Zha Bo for teaching me how's the way to "self consoling"..haha, kinda a bit funny ways....
by the way, i hv a nice night with they all..thz for them~~miss the moments when we were always be together~~