Thursday, April 05, 2012

Lunch at "h@use"

05 April 2010
Never tot Mr.Yew who always stay inside cath lab will treat me lunch today.
Still remember the first day i steped into HSC at 14 Feb 2011, he is the first person who told me what is cath lab inside, i thought he was a doctor. I damn naive tat time asked him there is no different his job scope with a doctor, why he's not a surgery funny when think back my question to him. i extreamly clear at all now...
I extreamly seldom saw him walk around except during his off work time by 1630, the whole nursing counter and imaging department, and can be said the whole world of HSC have known that im gonna leave soon. but Mr.Yew just knew it by last week..we both shocked.
I shocked is cox of he is a last person and when he got this news, i oni left 1 more week.
He shocked is cox that Im not look like will be leaving,  as im still always asking and learning the knowledge and skills.
The most that made me shocked is we even seldom see each other and chatting all the times, but he still insist wanna treat me a lunch, i insist said no need. but still, he ask Kwan to release me lunch with him, i don get used to people treat me for nothing..but he said i helped him before, but wat did i help him? i forgot or he jux bluff me? As i know is he taught me a lot more than i help him a lot.... haix..watsoever, jux let him.
Went to G Tower at H@use restaurant..seafood spagethy + Iced Lemon Tea..its jux a normal meal and normal tasted, but made my stomach full for whole day..Thanks him so much for the Lunch..