Thursday, April 05, 2012

Souvenir From Macau

Key Chain;
Its jux a simple souvenir..

"Key, come to nursing counter right now."
omg, am i did something wrong?!

"nahhh, for u...its jux a simple souvenir, hope u won't mind it"
Of course i wont mind about that.....

Recently so many people around me went for travelling, but she is the first person who remember and giving me the souvenir..she has been treating me well all the times and taught me how to inject hep B even though i hv no qualification to give people injection, For the first time and cox of her, i have the first time experience taking the inject stuff, and knowledge of injection..i wont forget the feeling and moment when i holding the injection needle forever...Thanks her been giving me the experience and knowledge. ~Nurse.Wan Siew Ping~